Vancouver - Multiple Layouts WordPress Blog Theme

Vancouver - multiple layouts WordPress blog theme free download

Vancouver Wordpress Theme Free Download
One of the best Wordpress poetry themes.

Hello friends and poets, today I have got time after a long time. Actually, I had been busy with writing some kind of stuff like poems and coding and also searching for best WordPress poetry themes. I have looked all around but there were not enough premium themes available for free which are having loaded with cool features and search engine friendly.

I came across many types of WordPress theme which could be used in poetry blogs but few of them were not beautiful and few of them were beautiful but not fast loading or search engine friendly in many aspect. Some of them were also very complex and hard to customize the way a poet of author needs a look for their blog.

Well, my search stopped suddenly when I landed on a very sophisticated theme called Vancouver - Multiple Layouts WordPress Blog Theme. This is theme is the Ghost, I mean it is really amazing and best theme for WordPress poetry blogs. There are many features in this theme and can be easily customized.

The biggest thing I always look for you guys must be known about is design, look and feel, easy to customize and search engine friendly. You can see all these things in this theme is fully loaded.

I would like to tell you why I choose this theme for poetry worpdress blogs, though there are about 100 of feature to mention but I would tell you the basic and top quality feature.
  • Vancouver WordPress theme is designed in modern look and it looks quite trendy as according to the live style and fashion of website look these days. So it's very modern looking theme.
  • Vancouver multiple layouts WordPress blog theme is designed for simple blogs and writer.
  • It gives simple yet unique and HD design that is best for poems.
  • Customization is always being a tough part of theme, but they designed it in really easy to customize.
  • Vancouver multiple layouts WordPress blog theme is totally search engine friend, you don't need to worry about SEO.
  • One another main thing is that Vancouver theme run like hell rocket after installation, really fast and best in class.
So, my dear author and poet friends just get rid of the old theme and download and install it now and stay update to with the most modernized theme.

In the end I also want to tell the meaning of the Vancouver, what is this Vancouver stands for. In fact Vancouver is a metropolitan city in BC, Canada. So the beauty of the theme represents the beauty of the Vancouver city too.

Please don't forget to say thanks in comments, if you found it helpful.

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